Effective Answer Writing

UPSC is framing questions based on the visible sources such as newspaper, Government Reports or basic concepts only, yet aspirants are not being able to meet the demand of the examination most of the times. WHY SO???” The reason is lack of articulation of knowledge while writing an answer complete within the required format and word limit.

Common mistakes by aspirants:
  • • While attempting question a student has to understand the basic theme on which the question lies.
  • • Many students do not understand the theme and write the question in random manner deviating from the question asked.
  • • Many students choose examples that depict

  1. • Sticking to the question is must as it gives objectivity and rationality to the answer and depict the clear thoughts of the aspirant.
  2. • Choose examples that are neutral and do not show biasness.

IASSCORE is coming up with the Answer Writing Session that is in form of teaching “How to write a good Answer”. Here, in this section, we would try to instigate and inculcate the thought process and will provide an aspirant a new way of synthesising the information.