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Pub Ad as an optional for IAS: Why to choose by Ashutosh Pandey

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Since the Wilsonian dichotomy public administration has traversed a chequered path, not so because its roots were not firmly planted as a discipline but more so because it was a continuous “polylogue” of multiple thoughts and ideas, constantly impinging upon its contours. These multiple approaches have lent a dynamic character to the discipline. Initially perceived as a plain managerial endeavour -where Americanization was the safest bid, it came to be turned upside down with the growing realization that, governmental operations and character are conditioned by “ecology”, which was pointed …

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Feminist Critique of Realist Theory

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Since the end of the Cold War and the increased interdependence resulting from the globalization process, the field of international relations has faced major challenges to its core theoretical structure. It no longer revolves solely around the realist issues of war and security, but rather, international relations has broadened to include traditionally liberal concerns, such as the international political economy, socioeconomic development, human rights, non-state actors, and civil society. Apart from the two main theories of realism and liberalism, the feminist theory brings new perspectives to the international relations table.

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Functional Critiques of Realism

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While realism was not initially the dominant perspective in International Relations, historically, it has been the dominant tradition in the discipline and perhaps it is for this reason that it has been subjected to so much criticism. Liberalism and structuralism can both be used to develop a critique of realism. In more recent years realism has been subjected to complicated critiques from Critical Theorists, postmodernists, feminists, social constructivists and Green theorists amongst others. Some of the major points of Criticisms against Realism are:

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Relevance of Public administration as an optional subject

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Friends, I want to share my experience with the public administration optional subject, a subject which has made me fall in love with this entire UPSC preparation. Had this subject not been there with me, neither I would have enjoyed this preparation to such a great extent, nor I would have cleared UPSC in my first attempt in just a span of 8 months of preparation.

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