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IAS Foundation 2017
IAS Foundation 2017
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Applied Ethics


Microtopics not mentioned in the syllabus but important from the exam point of view

Sub Topic List:

• Abortion: Ethical or Unethical
• Animal Ethics
• Business ethics
• Ethical issue involved in Child labour
• Giving birth vs. Use of contraception
• Ethical issue involved in treating juvenile as adult
• Ethical issues in biotechnology
• Ethics and old age
• Ethics and Sports
• Ethics in Public and Private Relationships
• Ethics related to Economic sanctions
• Euthanasia
• Food adulteration and ethics
• Banning of Homosexuality
• Honour Killing
• Issue of legalisation or decriminalisation of prostitution
• Marital rape
• Media ethics
• Surrogacy
• Tobacco smoking and ethics


  • PRELIMS (29)
  • MAINS (23)
  • IAS Topper's Interview (51)
  • Miscellaneous (12)
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