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GS Mains Foundation 2018

Supplementary Ethics


microtopics not mentioned in the syllabus but important from the exam point of view.

Sub Topic List:

• Common good and good governance
• India’s pursuit of public good and the democratic dilemma
• Good Governance and Citizen Centric Administration
• Ethics in Governance: the Indian Perspective
• Ethics in Public Life – Reasons & Remedies
• Ethics for Civil Services in India
• Administrative responsibility: the key to Administrative Ethics
• E-governance: Options & Opportunities
• Changing Conceptions of Political Morality
• Environmental Ethics
• Economic Management and Ethics
• Ethics in Economic Life
• Failure of Ethics in public life-need for Character Building
• Reflections on Moral Government and Public Service as a vocation
• Ethical Convergence: Synchronizing Public Private Corporate Governance


  • PRELIMS (29)
  • MAINS (24)
  • IAS Topper's Interview (51)
  • Miscellaneous (13)
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