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IAS Interview Strategy Series-II

TOPPER SPEAKS: Maneesh, IPS, 2013


TOPPER SPEAKS: Maneesh, IPS, 2013

Chairman of the Interview Board : Sri Purushottam Agarwal
Marks obtained in Interview: 190

List of Questions:

• Brief personal background
• Questions on hobbies
• Earlier job’s profile
• Reason for appearing in civil services exam
• Views on declining economic growth of the country
• Couple of engineering questions (I am an electrical engineer)
• Questions on psychology optional ( IQ vs EQ, exam related stress)
• Bills related to higher education pending(at that time) in the parliament
• Opinion based questions on current educational system, education in IITs, technocrat vs bureaucrats, research etc.

Focus of the interview:

• “The focus of the interview was on both factual and opinion related aspects in almost equal proportions. The interviewers asked questions on a variety of topics to get a deep understanding of the thinking pattern of the interviewee. Questions were also related to the biodata/application form filled by the candidate.”

Area of Cross questioning:

• “Cross questioning occurred in opinion related questions and in those in which I had to take a stand/ state my position, such as those of economic growth and education system in IITs.”

Message for the future candidates appearing in interview:

• “Refreshing of the graduation subject (particularly if it is different from the optional subject). Being fairly conversant and having an opinion on the current important events.”
• “Be calm and composed during the personality test. Do not try to bluff. If you don’t know answer to any question, accept it gracefully. Do your homework on the biodata well. And remember, in the end, this is just a simple personality test and not an investigation, so don’t panic.”


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