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IAS Interview Strategy Series-IV


TOPPER SPEAKS: Suman D. Pennekar, IPS, 2013


TOPPER SPEAKS: Suman D. Pennekar, IPS, 2013

Education Qualification: BAMS

PT Date: 12th march 2013, afternoon session

Panel: I.M.G. Khan
List of Questions:


• “Are you practicing Ayurveda?”
• “Is the Ayurveda fraternity still following the ancient manuscripts or are there any research works being undertaken, if so then what are the latest developments in Ayurveda?”
• “Full form of AYUSH, origin of Unani, founder of Homeopathy, How to mainstream Ayurveda?”


• “Types of dosas(as my hobby is cooking!), name some rice varieties(actually it was to name some rice recipes which was later clarified and redirected by khan sir himself!).”
• “Rules of volleyball game, difference between volley n beach volley ball.”


• “Homeopathy a boon to India, justify ( I could guess only one reason while the other one he added himself).”
• “Why Karnataka and TN always conflicting?”
• “Any conflicts historically in the region?”


• “Any conflict (another Q on conflict) between lingayats n vokkaligas in Karnataka , any visible distinction between the 2 communities?”
• “Social reforms by Basavanna., number of Jnanpiths to Karnataka and latest Jnanpitha winner from Karnataka.”


• “Present status of Hyderabad Karnataka region and background of it.”
• “Question on JNV academic assessment system implemented in 2000 by some personality and his name which I couldn’t answer.”
• “During which CM’s time PRI was implemented in Karnataka?”
• “Tell about Nazir Saheb(I only knew that there is a programme named after him in Karnataka)?”

“The 30 minutes Interview was concluded with a question on Food Security Bill by Khan sir.”

Focus of the interview:

• The main focus of the interview was the occupation/ educational qualification.
• The ‘Home State’ was also given due attention.

Suman D. Pennekar, IPS, 2013

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