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IAS Interview Strategy Series – VII


TOPPER SPEAKS: Ishani Paul, IPS, 2013


TOPPER SPEAKS: Ishani Paul, IPS, 2013

Chairman of the Interview Board: Rajni Razdan
Marks obtained in Interview: 210

List of Questions:
1. Based on my hobby of cooking I was asked what are the specialities of Bengali cuisine and out of the dishes I mentioned, recipe of one of the dishes
2. About the Nirbhaya issue and the International Woman of courage award
3. What is Hawala? Different issues related to it.
4. As a woman DM what are the measures I would take to ensure women safety and security in my district
5. Cartoonists were in news those days, what were the different incidents regarding cartoons which created national furore, My opinion about those incidents
6. What were the different means though which i kept myself updated about the incidents in my home state, was questioned about an incident that had occurred in west Bengal.
7. As a social work student what were the projects undertaken by me in college and I was asked to describe my research project

Focus of the Interview & Area of cross Questioning:

I felt my interview focused on my bio data and current affairs. It was mostly a free flowing interview in which the next question was focused on what I said. It tested my presence of mind, knowledge about my profile, current affairs and my opinion on issues of current relevance.

I was hardly cross questioned, in fact I felt that the board was very cordial and they tried to give me hints in questions in which i was not sure about the answer.


I became nervous when I did not know the answers to certain questions. But the interview tests the interviewee’s aptitude rather than their factual knowledge so it was a mistake I should have avoided.
• Keep your calm, as the examiners do try to make you a bit nervous by cross questioning and throwing questions which you least expecting. For e.g. I was shown my photograph and said that I didn’t resemble the photograph, I had to convince them that it was actually my photograph.
• Keep your current affairs and your bio data updated.
• Be honest and admit in factual questions if you are unaware of the facts.

Ishani Paul, IPS

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