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IAS Topper’s Interview 2016 – 2017: Shashank Chaudhary IAS Rank 130, First Attempt

Rank in CSE 2016 130
Total Attempts in CSE 1
Optional Subject MATHEMATICS


Class 10 percentage of marks 90.2
 Class 12 Percentage of marks 88
Graduation: College and marks IIT DELHI 2014, 6.84 CGPA
Post graduation: College and marks NA
Any other course NA

IAS Score: What were the basic mantras of your success?
Shashank Choudhary: Perseverance, Hard work and practice.

IAS Score: What were your strategies for the lengthy syllabus of General Studies for both Prelims and Mains?
Shashank Choudhary: Prelims- Solved 100 questions per day from 2 months before examination.

Mains- Focused on answer writing and made optional my strong point.

IAS Score: Did you integrate your Prelims or Mains preparation or was it separate in the changing scenario?
Shashank Choudhary: Yes

IAS Score: How did your prepare for essay.
Shashank Choudhary: Wrote 15-20 essays and got them checked , learnt from the feedback.

IAS Score: Did you adopt any specific strategy for GS Paper 4?
Shashank Choudhary: NO. Just do not leave case studies for the end.

IAS Score: What were the sources of information for general reading? How did you come to know that which sources of reading materials are standard?
Shashank Choudhary: I followed material suggested by previous years’ toppers.

IAS Score: What is your advice on notes-making for other aspirants?
Shashank Choudhary: Should be in your own words and reduce them regularly so that you have less pages to revise by the time you reach mains.

IAS Score: How did you manage your time during the preparation?
Shashank Choudhary: Planned my study and made weekly targets.

IAS Score: What was your style (paragraph or point format) Of writing in the exam? How was it distinct from the general writing style? How did you develop this writing style?
Shashank Choudhary: Mostly points which I learnt from mock test series of GS score.

IAS Score: So much focus is being given to Test Series, both for Prelims and Mains, in your opinion how useful are they, in the course of a preparation process? Which Test Series did you join and how useful did you find it to be?
Shashank Choudhary: Solving questions is very important for both prelims and mains. Mock tests help to train mind in order to think in examination hall.
Prelims- Vision and Vajiram test series
Mains – GS Score

IAS Score: Civil Services Exam process is quite strenuous. It requires long hours of constant study. How did you maintain your tempo and what did you do to break the monotony of preparation?
Shashank Choudhary: I took small breaks every 2 hours of study. Also, watched motivational videos and read about previous years’ toppers and their struggle. I changed the subject whenever I got bored. I studied 3 different subjects on a usual day to break monotony.

IAS Score: The trend suggests that professionals or working people are more successful in this exam. Does this exam prove difficult for Humanities and Social Science background candidates?
Shashank Choudhary: Your mains answer sheet does not have your profession or background written on it, thus it does not matter where you come from as long as you put in hard work.

IAS Score: Which sources you referred to prepare for Contemporary Issues.
Shashank Choudhary: Newspapers and summary articles on GS score.

IAS Score: Given the recent boom in online initiatives to support an aspirant, which were the platforms that you find useful enough during your course of preparation. Please list the sites.
Shashank Choudhary: Insightonindia, gsscore, mrunal, iasbaba.

IAS Score: What is your advice to the candidates who is still in the process of preparing for this examination?
Shashank Choudhary: Have clarity of thought while preparing, put in extra effort to get good results.

IAS Score: Your experience in IAS preparation journey with GS Score.
Shashank Choudhary: GS Score mains mock test series helped me to improve my answers.

Shashank Choudhary Mark sheet

Paper Year 2016
Prelims 126
Essay (Paper 1) 144
GS 1 (Paper 2) 110
GS 2 (Paper 3) 102
GS 3 (Paper 4) 106
GS 4 (Paper 5) 101
Optional 1 (Paper 6) 161
Optional 2 (Paper 7) 143
Written Total 867
Personality Test 165
Total Score 1032


Download Shashank Chaudhary’s Test Copy

AIR 130 Shashank Chaudhary Mains Test – 5


AIR 130 Shashank Chaudhary Mains Test – 7


AIR 130 Shashank Chaudhary Mains Test – 12


AIR 130 Shashank Chaudhary Mains Test – 8


AIR 130 Shashank Chaudhary Mains Test – 11


AIR 130 Shashank Chaudhary Mains Test – 3


AIR 130 Shashank Chaudhary Mains Test – 4


Marks in Ethics (UPSC): 101

AIR 130 Shashank Chaudhary Ethics Test – 6


AIR 130 Shashank Chaudhary Ethics Test – 1


AIR 130 Shashank Chaudhary Ethics Test – 10


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