IAS Topper's Interview 2017

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Modern History


Modern Indian history from about the middle of the eighteenth century until the present- significant events, personalities, issue. The Freedom Struggle - its various stages and important contributors /contributions from different parts of the country.

Sub Topic List:

  • British Conquest of India
  1. Decline of Mughal empire
  2. Rise of regional politics
  3. India in Eighteenth Century
  4. Advent of Europeans
  5. Factors that led to conquest of India by British
  6. Conquest of regional powers
  7. Resistance of Indian powers and causes of failure
  8. Evolution of British paramountcy over princely states
  • British Administration
  1. British colonialism in India
  2. British policies in India
  3. British Economic Policies and their impact
  4. Rise of capitalist class
  5. Activities of Christian Missionaries
  6. Governors- Generals and administration till 1857
  7. Colonial administration till 1857


  • Early Resistance to British Rule
  1. Tribal revolts
  2. Various tribal movements in India- appendix
  3. Civil rebellions and peasant revolts
  4. Nature and significance of civil rebellions
  5. Various peasant movements in India
  6. The revolt of 1857


  • Nationalism in India-I
  1. Rise of nationalism in India
  2. Social basis of Indian Nationalism
  3. Rise and growth of Indian National Congress
  4. Policies and programmes of early nationalists
  5. Role of literature and news-media in freedom struggle


  • Nationalism in India-II
  1. Intensification of nationalist movement
  2. Home Rule League
  3. Militants and Revolutionaries
  4. Gadar movement


  • Indian Freedom Struggle Under Gandhi
  1. Gandhi in South Africa
  2. Non- cooperation Movement
  3. Civil Disobedience Movement
  4. Round Table Conference
  5. Poona Pact
  6. 1939 Tripuri Session
  7. August Offer
  8. Individual Satyagraha 1940-41
  9. Quit India Movement
  10. British Official response to national movement


  • Social Reforms in British India
  1. Regeneration, reform and renaissance in India
  2. Analysis
  3. Social reformers in India
  4. Reforms in western India
  5. Reforms in south India
  6. Role of reformers
  7. Nature and limitation of 19th century renaissance
  8. Reasons of rise
  9. Caste movement in south India
  10. Caste movements in northern and eastern India


  • Struggle by the Masses
  1. Trade union movement in India
  2. Peasant movements in modern India
  3. The states people’s movements
  4. Socialists and left bloc in congress
  5. Indian National Army
  6. Naval mutiny of 1946


  • Partition of India
  1. Rise and growth of communalism
  2. Partition of India and attainment of freedom
  3. R. Formula
  4. Wavell Plan
  5. Cabinet Mission Plan
  6. Mountbatten Plan


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