IAS Topper's Interview 2017

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World History


History of the world will include events from 18th century such as industrial revolution, world wars, redrawal of national boundaries, colonization, decolonization, political philosophies like communism, capitalism, socialism etc.- their forms and effect on the society

Sub Topic List:

1. Industrial Revolution
• Decline of feudalism
• Beginning of Renaissance
• Pre-industrial Europe
• Agricultural Revolution
• Factors that led to industrial revolution
• Impact of industrial revolution

2. French Revolution
• Causes
• The revolution in France
• France under Napoleon
• Impact of revolution
• Significance of revolution

3. Nationalism in Europe
• Rise of the nation- state system
• Unification of Italy
• Unification of Germany

4. Colonialism and Imperialism
• Colonialism
• The age of Imperialism (1870-1914)
• Imperialism in Asia
• Analysis of Colonialism

5. Emergence of USA
• Foundation of American Colonies
• The Independence of United States of America
• The American Revolutionary War
• What was the impact of American Revolution?
• Political Effects of the Revolution
• How did the American Revolution influence the French Revolution?
• US Civil War
• Impact of Civil War on USA
• Global Impact of US Civil War
• Impact on India

6. World War-I
• Major causes of the war
• Course of the war
• Analysis of major events of the war
• Consequences of World War I
• Aftermath of World War I
• League of Nations

7. Russian Revolution
• Major events in pre-revolution Russia
• Causes
• Course of revolution
• Consequences
• Aftermath of the war
• Post-Lenin Russia

8. Inter-War Years (1919 To 1939)
• The Great Depression
• The Great Depression- an economic perspective
• Rise of Fascism in Italy
• Rise of Nazism in Germany
• Soviet Union (USSR)

9. World War- II
• Foundations of the war
• Course of the war
• Aftermath of war
• Analysis of the war
• Decolonization phase

10. Development In Middle East
• Democratic reforms in Middle East
• Arab nationalism
• Israel

11. Cold War
• Political philosophies
• Capitalism
• Socialism
• An essay on Marx’s critique of capitalism
• Cold war

12. Post Cold-War World
• Global issues since 1991
• Integration of Europe
• European integration- a timeline
• Rise of global Islamic terrorism
• Rise of China

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